March 30, 2022 admin

The Business Office at Salem Circle of Care

At the Circle of Care, it is instilled in us to be welcoming and caring. As the Business Office Manager, I am typically the first face you may see. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have worked to keep our long-term care residents and employees as safe as possible. I have been responsible for ensuring the safety of our residents by screening employees and vendors, enforcing face masks, providing PPE, and encouraging the use of hand sanitizer.

I am often found here early in the morning and still late into the evening, as I strive to do my jobs and ensure that the residents and the employees are happy. Some of my responsibilities include making sure residents get their monthly spending money, processing payroll, daily insurance verifications, and so much more. 

Circle of Care is “HOME” for our residents, and I try to be the friendly, likable, funny, helpful “neighbor” they deserve to have. Many residents do not have family that keeps in touch, so we all try to make conversation, crack jokes, and be a listening ear. After all, we are “family.”

I highly praise the employees of Circle of Care and the dedication and time they give to the residents. Since being under new ownership and newer administration, we have made improvements by leaps and bounds. I have been here for four years now and feel more at ‘home’ now than ever. Our owner and administrator genuinely care about the Circle of Care team and the residents.

No one ever ‘wants’ to have to go into a nursing home, but I recommend Circle of Care if and when that time comes. Whether for short-term rehab therapy or for a more permanent longer stay, I hope you consider joining our family at Circle of Care!

Jamie Smith,
Business Office Manager
Salem Circle of Care