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Respiratory Therapy at Circle of Care

Circle of Care in Salem, Ohio offers respiratory therapists and 15 private rooms for ventilator/tracheostomy & pulmonary rehab. We’ve put together this article to share what makes Circle of Care unique and how we provide high-quality care for residents facing cardiovascular challenges.

History of Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory therapy has roots going back to 1943 when Dr. Edwin R. Levine established a primitive inhalation therapy program to manage post-surgical patients at Reese Hospital in Chicago, which turned into the Inhalation Therapy Association, or the ITA. 

In 1986, the AARC (American Association for Respiratory Care) and the NBRC (National Board for Respiratory Care) were born, and we have our first modern licensure law governing the profession. Since its inception, respiratory care professionals have played a vital role in acute care and long-term care settings, providing excellent respiratory care practice backed by science. 

Salem, Ohio Respiratory Therapy and Ventilator Care

We here at the Circle of Care strive to deliver that same high level of care to all of our residents facing cardiovascular challenges. All of our Respiratory Therapists were trained at two or four-year colleges and are here to work with our Board-Certified Pulmonologist, Dr. Guy Blaser, to care for all of our residents with lung disorders and conditions. 

Our Respiratory Therapists are trained to aid physicians in evaluating, diagnosing, and caring for residents with cardiopulmonary problems. Circle of Care’s Respiratory Therapy and ventilator program is designed to give our residents the best possible quality of life. 

Why Choose Circle of Care for Respiratory Care?

We have a combined 100 plus years of experience on our staff, with many of our Respiratory Therapists having backgrounds in both acute care and long-term care. We take great pride in providing any and all care to your loved ones in any situation they may be going through. You can rest assured your loved ones will be given top-of-the-line care if and when you choose us as your long-term care facility!!

To learn more about our rehabilitation services, visit our rehabilitation page, or contact us today for more information!