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Rehabilitation Therapy

Senior woman with her caregiver at home

Our team of highly skilled therapists at Circle of Care provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services to help get our residents back on their feet and living life again after illness or injury. After hospitalization, it is not uncommon to experience difficulty completing daily tasks with the same level of independence as prior to the injury or illness. The Circle of Care team specializes in short-term care rehabilitation services with the goal of helping our residents to regain their independence and return to their prior living environment. 

Upon admission to our facility, each resident will be assessed to determine their therapeutic needs. We pride ourselves in providing a unique and individualized care plan for each resident, considering the resident’s current functional status, discharge plan, and personal rehabilitation goals. Our therapy team provides research-based, functional treatments to help our residents regain their independence as quickly as possible. 

Each discipline in our therapy department is highly trained to provide specialized treatment based on their unique discipline:

Physical Therapy:

  • Mobility
  • Pain
  • Lower Extremity Strength and Range of Motion
  • Balance

Occupational Therapy:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Activity Modification
  • Upper Extremity Strength, Range of Motion, and Coordination

Speech Therapy

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Swallow dysfunction
  • Speech Disorders

Through our individualized treatment delivery, we are able to achieve optimum outcomes for each resident under our care. We are here to help you achieve your goals. 

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