January 2, 2022 admin

Quality Respiratory Care for Extended Nursing Care Patients – Salem, Ohio

Here at the Circle of Care, we always strive to obtain the highest expectations for our Resident’s Respiratory therapist to play a vital role in acute respiratory care and extended respiratory care settings. The procedures and processes have been proven to help people dealing with many disease processes. 

About Respiratory Therapy at Salem Circle of Care

We have a combined 90+ years of experience on our staff. Respiratory therapists at Salem Circle of Care are trained to aid physicians in each resident’s evaluation, diagnosis, and care plan. Our resident Pulmonologist, Dr. Guy Blaserleads the care for our residents with lung disorders. Our goal is to provide the best care for long-term vent care, weaning off the ventilator, or capping trails and decannulation, so that our residents can go home to their loved ones! 

We take great pride in returning one of our residents to their own home after their long health battle! You can see and feel the appreciation and gratitude from the entire family involved. But we don’t do it for the appreciation; we genuinely care about our long-term care residents and love helping them in any way we can!

So you can rest assured we here at the Circle of Care, RT staff, and all other departments are taking every precaution possible to care for your loved ones. Please consider us for your or your loved one’s respiratory rehab and respiratory needs!