Senior woman with her caregiver at home
Senior woman with her caregiver at home

Rehabilitation Therapy

Our team of highly skilled therapists at Circle of Care provides Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy services to help get our residents back on their feet and living life again after illness or injury. After hospitalization, it is not uncommon to experience difficulty completing daily tasks with the same level of independence as prior to the injury or illness. The Circle of Care team specializes in short-term care rehabilitation services with the goal of helping our residents to regain their independence and return to their prior living environment. 

Upon admission to our facility, each resident will be assessed to determine their therapeutic needs. We pride ourselves in providing a unique and individualized care plan for each resident, considering the resident’s current functional status, discharge plan, and personal rehabilitation goals. Our therapy team provides research-based, functional treatments to help our residents regain their independence as quickly as possible. 

Each discipline in our therapy department is highly trained to provide specialized treatment based on their unique discipline:

Physical Therapy:

  • Mobility
  • Pain
  • Lower Extremity Strength and Range of Motion
  • Balance

Occupational Therapy:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Activity Modification
  • Upper Extremity Strength, Range of Motion, and Coordination

Speech Therapy

  • Cognitive abilities
  • Swallow dysfunction
  • Speech Disorders

Through our individualized treatment delivery, we are able to achieve optimum outcomes for each resident under our care. We are here to help you achieve your goals. 

Get To Know Salem Circle of Care!

Through it all, we give our all!!! We have a fantastic skilled nursing staff here at the Circle of Care with many departments that work together as one this article touches on some of our departments and what we have to offer!

Dining Room Photos

Circle of Care offers On-Site Hemodialysis up to five times a week, with the option of bedside treatment and a ventilator, tracheostomy, and pulmonary rehab unit. Our facility has a state-of-the-art therapy gym with motivating physical, occupational, and speech therapists that will have you back to yourself in no time. The Activities Department offers a full calendar of activities, including scheduled outings with our transportation bus. We recently remodeled our hair salon so residents to kick back to relax and be pampered.

Here at the Circle, we understand your needs and are happy to accommodate them. All three of our units are equipped with spa tubs to help our residents relax and enjoy a nice soak. Our dietary department makes all meals from scratch to give you that “home-cooked meal” feeling, which includes different textures and diets to meet all needs of our residents. Our Social Services department helps with anything you need when you’re ready to return home. We have a maintenance department on top of anything that needs fixed or done around our building. If you need new batteries for a remote, he’s your “go-to” man. Our nursing department works with other departments to make things easier for you. They take excellent care of the resident, pass meds, help assist the STNA’s if needed, and many other things. Aside from meeting primary care needs, we have a psychotherapist that visits weekly to meet with residents to improve their overall mental health.

Everyone employed at the Circle is here for YOU!!! We help you adjust to a different living or get the rehabilitation you need to return home. 

Our Residents Say:

 “I’ve been here for 8 years already, and the staff treats me very well. I never have any issues. Our activity department is so much better. We help in the community, go for country rides and ice cream, have family picnics, and get to pie our favorite staff member or members.”

Sharon S

“I’ve been here 7 years, and the workers are great, the activities are fun. The atmosphere overall is good.”

Kim S

Our Staff Members Say:

“I’ve worked here for 7 years. Our team has professionalism and dedication, and the staff always gives a feeling of kindness and personal attention. It is administered and staffed by compassionate, empathetic workers who give their all to ensure the comfort and well being of all residents in a caring and supportive atmosphere.”

Jessica Summer HR/SSD/Med Records

“I’ve been with the facility 7 years and the last 4 years as the Infection Preventionist. Due to our facilities higher staff to resident ratio, it allows for more quality care and individualized care for our residents. Our residents become our extended family rather than a number. Our goal is to provide personalized care and improve their quality of life. I’m proud to be a part of the team here at Circle of Care.”

Deb Pierce, R.N/ Infection Preventionist

“This is my 3rd time here at this facility under a different name, I can honestly say this time around is the best I have ever seen it. The staff is so much better, the management team is AMAZING. They say 3rd times a charm, well this time I started in Dietary again for 3 years and now I am the Activity Director and in this position for 1 year. I would not trade my job for any other in the world, this is the most rewarding job, seeing the smiles on my residents and families faces.”

Jen Jordan, APC 

The Business Office at Salem Circle of Care

At the Circle of Care, it is instilled in us to be welcoming and caring. As the Business Office Manager, I am typically the first face you may see. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, we have worked to keep our long-term care residents and employees as safe as possible. I have been responsible for ensuring the safety of our residents by screening employees and vendors, enforcing face masks, providing PPE, and encouraging the use of hand sanitizer.

I am often found here early in the morning and still late into the evening, as I strive to do my jobs and ensure that the residents and the employees are happy. Some of my responsibilities include making sure residents get their monthly spending money, processing payroll, daily insurance verifications, and so much more. 

Circle of Care is “HOME” for our residents, and I try to be the friendly, likable, funny, helpful “neighbor” they deserve to have. Many residents do not have family that keeps in touch, so we all try to make conversation, crack jokes, and be a listening ear. After all, we are “family.”

I highly praise the employees of Circle of Care and the dedication and time they give to the residents. Since being under new ownership and newer administration, we have made improvements by leaps and bounds. I have been here for four years now and feel more at ‘home’ now than ever. Our owner and administrator genuinely care about the Circle of Care team and the residents.

No one ever ‘wants’ to have to go into a nursing home, but I recommend Circle of Care if and when that time comes. Whether for short-term rehab therapy or for a more permanent longer stay, I hope you consider joining our family at Circle of Care!

Jamie Smith,
Business Office Manager
Salem Circle of Care

Welcome to Circle of Care

Circle of Care Admissions Information

Circle of Care strives to provide quality health care with compassion, integrity, and respect for our residents, families, and community. Our facility offers multiple levels of care stemming from skilled nursing after a hospital stay, rehabilitation as a result of an accident, surgery or major illness, dementia and long-term care, as well as our ventilator and dialysis programming.

We provide health care for your loved ones in a nurturing environment fulfilling their fondest memories of home-cooked meals, warmth, the feeling of being safe and secure with loving people to care for them. Upon arrival, a care coordinator will schedule a conference with you and/or your family. Together we will map out expectations and goals for your stay and answer all your questions.

Our team has developed these personalized programs designed to get you back to the life you know and improve your Quality of Life. Below is a list of programs that we offer at Circle of Care.

Dementia/Long-term care:

Circle of Care is here to help lift the strain on your family by around-the-clock care for a family member or friend with dementia while providing a sense of purpose to live their life to the fullest.
We specialize in long-term care, including individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and those with palliative or hospice care requirements.

Skilled Nursing Care:

Skilled nursing is available around the clock, and specialized care can be provided to meet each resident’s individual needs. Our nursing team offers progressive post-acute care 24 hours a day. The care and services we provide are as individual as our residents.

Ventilator Therapy:

Adjusting to life with respiratory challenges, tracheostomy, or ventilator care can be overwhelming. Circle of Care has a dedicated ventilator unit. Our respiratory and ventilator programs give a resident the best possible quality of life, aspiring with home-going goals when possible.


Residing at Circle of Care benefits our residents with the convenience of on-site dialysis. Under our care, our residents can dialyze in the comfort of their residence, avoiding the burden of the tiresome travel to an outpatient center. Our interdisciplinary team provides every aspect of treatment, coordinating closely with the therapy team, nursing team, and dietary staff to make the best of the coordination of your care.

Come visit us and be “Welcomed to the Circle of Care.” For more information about our facility, contact us today and we will be glad to assist in any way that we can!

Quality Respiratory Care for Extended Nursing Care Patients – Salem, Ohio

Here at the Circle of Care, we always strive to obtain the highest expectations for our Resident’s Respiratory therapist to play a vital role in acute respiratory care and extended respiratory care settings. The procedures and processes have been proven to help people dealing with many disease processes. 

About Respiratory Therapy at Salem Circle of Care

We have a combined 90+ years of experience on our staff. Respiratory therapists at Salem Circle of Care are trained to aid physicians in each resident’s evaluation, diagnosis, and care plan. Our resident Pulmonologist, Dr. Guy Blaserleads the care for our residents with lung disorders. Our goal is to provide the best care for long-term vent care, weaning off the ventilator, or capping trails and decannulation, so that our residents can go home to their loved ones! 

We take great pride in returning one of our residents to their own home after their long health battle! You can see and feel the appreciation and gratitude from the entire family involved. But we don’t do it for the appreciation; we genuinely care about our long-term care residents and love helping them in any way we can!

So you can rest assured we here at the Circle of Care, RT staff, and all other departments are taking every precaution possible to care for your loved ones. Please consider us for your or your loved one’s respiratory rehab and respiratory needs!

Holiday FAQ – Salem Circle of Care

Is your facility currently accepting visitors for the holidays? 

Yes, we are! We actually have a Karaoke guy that comes in once a month to sing for residents and they even sing. We have Christmas Carolers coming in on the weekend to sing on the floors as well.

Are you accepting gifts from families and the community? 

Yes, we do. Clothes we have enough of and cannot accept any more at this time, but we can always use toiletries, cards (get well, thinking of you, happy birthday etc..), hand sanitizers, small personal tissues, and other items.

Do you accept home-baked goods? 

We are not allowed to accept donated food from outside sources, but Activities can accept store-bought non – refrigerated/ freezer items. Such as cookies, juice boxes, pop cans just to name a few.

Do you allow holiday mail from families | the community? If so, who should it be addressed to? 

Absolutely!!!! The residents love getting mail from family or even the community. It really puts a smile on their faces. Things sent should be addressed to Circle of Care   c/o Jen Jordan 1985 E. Pershing Salem, OH 44460

Are there any community volunteer opportunities for your facility? 

As of right now with Covid on the rise, we are not doing the volunteer program. I understand this may be an inconvenience to some, but in order to keep our residents safe, we cannot allow this to move forward at this time.

What do you have planned for a holiday party? 

With Covid still going on, we can not have the usual family holiday gatherings. We will have our resident party and our staff party. Santa will deliver gifts and stockings to all residents that were adopted. #NoOneGetsLeftBehind Mrs. Claus and a jolly old elf will be here as well. We do holiday pictures and print them out to be sent to families. We have games and snacks also.

The management team and staff here at the Circle of Care want to wish you and your family the happiest of holidays and a prosperous New Year.

Infection Preventionist

Here at the Circle of Care, we offer a variety of nursing services. One of the most popular services we offer is long-term care. Long-term care involves various services designed to meet a person’s health or personal care needs during a short or long period of time. These services help people live as independently and safely as possible when they can no longer perform everyday activities independently.

The most common type of long-term care is personal care, which requires help with everyday activities, also called “activities of daily living.” These activities include bathing, dressing, grooming, using the toilet, eating, and moving around. Long-term care also includes community services such as meals, activities, and transportation services.

The Circle of Care has a fantastic nursing department team that collaborates our resident’s care needs with an Interdisciplinary Team and the friends and family of our residents to ensure all their needs are being met, including physical, mental, and psychosocial. 

Infection Preventionists- Why do nursing homes need them?

The Infection Preventionist is responsible for the facility’s Infection Prevention and Control Program. The facility must provide a safe and sanitary surrounding and prevent communicable diseases and infections from developing and spreading. An Infection Preventionist maintains an Antibiotic Stewardship Program and consults and collaborates with prescribing physicians, pharmacists, referring hospitals, nursing staff, and provides education to the residents and their families regarding improving antibiotic prescribing. Antibiotic prescribing is enhanced by optimizing antibiotic selection, obtaining diagnostic testing to ensure the correct antibiotic is being prescribed, and using the shortest effective duration of antibiotic therapy. This prevents adverse effects and antibiotic resistance, which is a severe threat to the resident’s health. 

Protecting our residents starts with entrance to our facility with mandatory screening for COVID-19 signs and symptoms and obtaining everyone’s temperature; once that is done, hand sanitizer is used upon entering and leaving the facility. Hand hygiene continues to be the number one prevention in the spread of infection. Daily cleaning of high-touch surfaces with approved EPA cleaner decreases the risk of infection. We use our R-Zero Arc System, a powerful hospital-grade UV-C light disinfection system to sanitize common rooms and other high-touch areas. The use of face masks continues as a form of source control in the prevention of COVID-19. We continue to follow guidelines for COVID 19 testing of staff and residents, which allow us to quickly identify an infection and immediately follow infection prevention and control guidelines to mitigate the spread of infection. These daily precautions have kept our residents safe as we haven’t had a Covid-19 positive resident in the past 11 months, and we have not had a resident case of influenza in the past four years. We recently held influenza and COVID Booster clinics for staff and residents. Because of our successes, we can continue to have safe visitations for our residents with their loved ones, and the residents can enjoy group activities and outings. Infection control continues to be ever-changing and more crucial than ever. 

Senior Living Activities at Salem Circle of Care

About our wonderful Activities Team at Salem Circle of Care

Most people do not realize the importance of activities in nursing homes, so we’ve put together this article to give our wonderful activities team a chance to share what they do for Salem Circle of Care.

Our Activities Team’s philosophy is to build an activities calendar that improves our long-term care residents’ lives psychologically, socially, spiritually, and physically. The purpose of our Activities Team is to help improve the quality of life for the residents. These activities in a skilled nursing home facility help build bonds between residents and between residents and staff.

Psychosocial Impact of Nursing Home Activities:

We believe the psychological health of senior living residents impacts their lives in such a big way. Being with a group of people can forge vital friendships and support systems and promote mental and physical health. We encourage group activities with co-residents and activities staff to give our residents the feeling of emotional belonging. We understand that safety is first and have adapted activities as needed. We include staff members and management to participate in games and activities throughout the hallways with residents when necessary for infection control purposes.

When residents cannot attend group activities, we provide one-on-one activities in the resident’s room based on their interests and preferences.

Personal Activity Programming 

The facility must provide ongoing programs to support residents in their choice of activities, both facility-sponsored group, individual activities, and independent activities, designed to meet each resident’s interests and support each resident’s physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being, encouraging independence and interaction in the community. Activities are an integral part of the culture change movement and central to person-centered care. It is essential for residents’ quality of life. The intent is that the facility identifies each resident’s interests and needs and involves the resident in an ongoing program of activities designed to appeal to their interests and enhance the resident’s highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial level well-being. 

The Circle of Care respects all religious and spiritual beliefs of our long-term nursing care residents. We celebrate with our residents based on preferences. Some of our recent religious celebrations include Ash Wednesday, Hanukkah, and Ramadan. The activities department works closely with dietary to adapt meal preferences as needed to support religious traditions.

We encourage our residents to get up and move! Scarf stretching, balloon passing, and foot dancing are a few fun ways to promote the range of motion with our residents. 

Residents also have access to therapy equipment such as the bicycle and weights.

Senior Living and Community Involvement

Maintaining contact and interaction with the community is an essential aspect of a person’s well-being and facilitates connectedness and self-esteem. Our residents are transported via our facility bus to local shopping stores, county fairs, and places such as White House Fruit Farms. We just started doing these things again since the pandemic began. Our residents enjoy leaving the facility, even if it is just for a country ride and ice cream from Dairy Queen. Our local library delivers books for our residents to enjoy, and at Christmas time, our local 4H community gives handmade Christmas cards for our residents to enjoy. We have family members that sew and crochet blankets for all of our residents to enjoy. We have helped the Parks Department paint the kid’s playground over the summertime and then had a pizza party afterward. 

What else does the Activity Team do?

The activity team is responsible for Holiday decorating, planning/prepping and hosting events for residents/staff/families/community, creating the monthly calendar and newsletter, passing out in-house and mailing to family members, scheduling outings, employee of the month, and much much more! 

It is imperative to have a strong relationship with all facility departments; after all, the team is here for the residents’ well-being. The activity team is one of the residents’ most prominent advocates taking care of the resident council and any concerns or grievances.

Jen Jordan; APC

Activity Professional Certified

Liberalized Renal Diet for Dialysis Patients

What are the dietary needs for Dialysis Patients at a Long Term Care Facility?

Salem Circle of Care offers in-house dialysis for Long Term Care Residents. Dialysis patients require substitutions for their food and fluid intake, known as a Liberalized Renal diet, which requires receiving a specific diet to meet their required daily dietary needs. Our Dietary department facilitates with our consulting Nephrologist and dialysis team to provide individualized plans.

The liberalized Renal diet eliminates all or most potassium, sodium, and phosphorus. These food restrictions mean that dialysis patients need to remove potatoes, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, oranges juice, and other foods high in potassium, sodium, and phosphorus from their diet. Fluid Restriction is based on patient need as per Nephrologist order.

While the resident on a regular diet at dinner would receive a balanced dinner such as:
Sloppy Joe on a Bun, French fries w/ Ketchup. Broccoli & Cauliflower, Applesauce Red Gelatin, Drink of Choice

The resident on the Liberalized Renal would receive:
Hamburger on a Bun, Rice or Pasta, Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad, Applesauce, Coffee, Tea, or Water

About Dining at Salem Circle of Care

Our Residents enjoy Fine Dining in our Main Dining Area, where they can socialize w/ other residents while being served Homemade Soups & Salads along with our Daily Menu. Our Dietary Manager hosts Food Club 1x per month where the Dietary Manager reviews the monthly menu & the Residents choose a meal of the month of their favorite foods. Residents share their favorite recipes & discuss the latest food articles.

For more information about our dietary programs at Salem Circle of Care, please view our sample dining calendar, or contact us for more information about the residents’ specific needs.

Social Care at Circle of Care

Social services play a critical role for many residents in long-term care facilities such as Circle of Care. The social worker’s role in a long-term care facility is to act as a liaison for the residents and their families with the facility, ensuring that the resident receives social support, emotional support, and a connection to the outside world.

At Circle of Care, our social worker helps create an individualized plan for each new resident that covers a path from admission to the time of discharge. Part of this plan includes communicating between the family and the facility any concerns, such as dietary, activities, rehabilitation, and any psychological help the resident may need. This individual routinely checks in with residents to make sure they are happy and comfortable during their stay at our facility. Concerns that they may find are addressed with both the resident’s family and the facility in a respectful and timely many.

In addition to identifying the psychosocial, mental, and emotional needs of a resident, our social workers can also assist with business office issues such as insurance processes, including transitioning to Medicaid or helping residents switch to a different insurance.

When making tough decisions, the social worker is happy to walk the family through any process, including discharges home or to other facilities or transitioning to end-of-life care such as hospice services. Our social worker works with other agencies in the community, such as local hospice services, home health agencies, hospitals, and other facilities in the area, to ensure that our residents receive the best care possible before, during, and after their stay at the facility.

For more information about social work in the state of Ohio, please visit the official website for the Ohio Association of Social Workers. If you are looking for a career in social work at our facility, please visit our employment page to apply.